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Combining the latest technologies with a commercial understanding of the world you compete in  

We’re a team of business people, tech specialists, creatives and investors with a passion for change and a fascination for how data, technology and imagination together can help organisations realise their potential.

We’ve all worked as business leaders for start-ups, scale-ups, carve-outs and corporates. We’ve been there when the moment comes for change and felt first-hand how demanding that can be.

Everyone knows that the ability to adapt is the difference between good businesses and great, between success and the alternative. But knowing how to adapt; what to change and what to hold on to, how to break a giant leap down into small steps, when to make your move and in which direction... that’s the question.

We founded ReddishGreen to help businesses answer it. To help leaders use data and technology better, to see the things they need to see more clearly and take the steps they need to take more confidently.

Meet our team

A team of friends, focused on outcomes, working to an agile methodology

We’re a mixed bunch at ReddishGreen, from the code addicts in the data-basement to strategic thinkers, it takes a broad range of expertise to make sure we can provide the best solution for our clients.

Jason Powell

Strategic Thinker    Commercial Lead   Swim Runner    Wild Camper    Sailor

Wells Powell

Data Engineer    Tech Lead    Kitchen King    Hockey Coach    Habitual Traveller

Richard Lucas

Client Lead    Technical Sales   Curios Mind   Cricket Tragic    Swimming Enthusiast    Master Tour Planner

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Taking the next step can be tough. Everyone’s talking about the power of data but it’s not an end in itself. And it’s not always about quantity.

Reach out to us, we’ll help you shine a light in the right places and help you make sense of what you find.