Don’t Buy Her Flowers

Inaccessible e-commerce data automatically fed into powerful visualisations that drive marketing promotion and customer life time value.


Don’t Buy Her Flowers is a start-up business that sells thoughtful gift packages for any occasion. Important e-commerce order data was being extracted through .csv files and manually collated on a monthly basis to provide management reports. Under the leadership of Hannah Ridler, Head of Marketing, Customer Life-Time Value based visualisations were created to support ongoing marketing strategy

The Challenge

Extracting data from WooCommerce and translating it into commercially meaningful formats and enriching the data to drive insight proved to be more complex. Having completed this, the challenge was to create powerful visualisations that support changes to marketing strategy. Hannah had set us a number of challenges to create important Customer Lifetime Value KPI’s.

The Solution

The WooCommerce API is well developed and sophisticated, so extracting data was relatively straight forward. To enhance the data, we used a number of Python analytics libraries e.g. inferring gender from first names where it wasn’t clear in the data. Having made commercial sense of the data, we built a number of powerful visualisations to explain customer preferences and lifetime value.


  • Don’t Buy Her Flowers are now using these important insights to develop new promotions to existing and returning customers. The new insights will give DBHF greater confidence when making decisions on further investment in digital marketing.

Key Points

  • Extracting .CSV files into spreadsheets on a monthly basis had become time consuming and much of the insight required was buried in text files. It had become almost impossible to assess customer lifetime value and ROI from digital marketing spend..
  • Important insights could be delivered from the data, but this wasn’t accessible to a small marketing team with limited technology and analytical support.
  • Digital links created to the Wo-commerce backend database allowed data to be extracted, cleansed, enhanced and fed into powerful customer lifetime value visualisations.
  • Don’t Buy Her Flowers are now using these important insights to develop new promotions to existing, returning customers as well as the basis for further investment in digital marketing.
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Average order by year graph and regional graph

Hannah Ridler

Head of Marketing,

Don’t Buy Her Flowers

I’d been grappling with manually downloading data from WooCommerce into spreadsheets on a monthly basis to get basic information to support our marketing strategy. The ReddishGreen team understood the problem straight away. Wells developed a complete customer profile that has allowed us to see underlying trends and marketing opportunities from within our dataset.


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