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An end to end business system view has resulted in greater focus on bottlenecks to growth and optimise return on digital spend.


Dr Newmans is the UK’s leading provider of Thread Vein treatment.  Over the years it had developed a number of systems to support business activity.

Much of the data collected, that would provide insights into treating behaviour of doctors, billing behaviour, capacity or indeed marketing ROI was either missing or buried deep within the normalised tables of the practice management system.

As the company pursued a new growth ambition, insights from this data became essential to building an effective strategy.

The Challenge

Data from the practice management system was restricted to .csv files down loaded from bespoke reports developed by Lumeon, the Practice Management System. Data from individual reports could not be linked. Whilst Lumeon had created a RESTful API, it had not been optimised for data warehousing. Important Sales and Google Adwords data could not be linked together.

Tracking through the funnel was sporadic at best.  Spend across multiple digital channels was difficult to manage with little insight into which leads converted and why?

The lack of an overall business view meant that Dr Newmans had no basis for optimising it’s marketing investment, it didn’t have a view on Doctor performance, nor did it understand where it’s capacity bottlenecks were.

The Solution

The RESTful API was used as the basis for extracting data from the Lumeon PMS. Data was re-engineered into a logical format and used within data visualisation models. Data was linked through new unique keys to CRM data so that lead outcomes could be better understood (e.g. lost on price, location, availability etc). All digital assets were moved onto the Lead Intelligence platform. All data was collected offline in a SQL data warehouse, itself optimised to automate the data re-engineering process.

Dr Newmans now have an entire business system view; how keyword searches convert to sales and why they don’t. Important operational service data on clinician treatment variations and clinic capacity are now available in realtime allowing us to match marketing spend to clinic availability.


  • Dr Newmans digital assets on the Lead Intelligence platform have improved conversion of clicks by 75%.
  • Clinic utilisation across the UK is over 95%, with a 4-week waiting time for new clients. As such, doctor recruitment has become a core focus for the business as it looks to increase capacity.
  • Revenue across the UK is up 30%.

Key Points

  • Dr Newmans wanted to track digital spend from keyword to sale. And from sale through to service delivery at a doctor level.
  • Essential data required to do this was either locked away in our Practice Management System or unavailable due to poor digital funnel tracking.
  • We moved all campaigns onto the Lead Intelligence platform, linking sales data from existing CRM and Lumeon Practice Management Systems (PMS).
  • Cost per lead has fallen 50% whilst the number of leads per month has increased twofold.
  • A refocused management team is now focused on building capacity as the primary barrier to growth.
Dr Newmans Clinic landing page showing the form on the top area.

Dr Newmans Clinic self-assessment test on a slider display with data capture.

DRNC - Dashboard

DRNC - Location Report

Dr Peter Finigan

Chief Medical Officer,

Dr Newmans Clinic

We’d had much of our data locked within our Practice Management System. We now have full linkage of our data through the sales funnel with planning data across all our clinics. We’re now asking the right questions and using our data to track progress. We now not only track what happens but all aspects of leakage too. Unexpectedly our agenda for growth is now as much about operational process improvement as it was lead generation.


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