Business systems have primarily evolved to help companies to do things, not to understand things

We’re experts in data analytics and business intelligence. We use market leading technologies including Python and Microsoft Power BI to help us integrate multiple data sources, re-engineer data and create easily consumable visualisations.

Tracking prospects through the funnel from click to sale, across multiple digital channels (social, search and native), can be extremely complex and difficult to scale. Working through our partners, Lead Intelligence we provide end to end tracking of ROI by linking sales data to campaign and channel spend.

Many of our customers want to enrich their data using digital sources; scrapes from websites, prospect data or web form data entry. We use a variety of RPA technologies to automate this data collection process.

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Taking the next step can be tough. Everyone’s talking about the power of data but it’s not an end in itself. And it’s not always about quantity.

Reach out to us, we’ll help you shine a light in the right places and help you make sense of what you find.