We give peace of mind; our prices are fixed and we take the risk of building your solution

We start with discovery to define the problem you are trying to solve. Maybe you’re trying to understand customer behaviour better, respond to competitive threat, understand product margin or potential customers as they progress through your sales funnel. Or perhaps you’re looking to identify operational process efficiencies and bottlenecks.

We’ll audit your data and explain how it could be better used to achieve the results you’re after. In many cases, appending internal data to other 3rd party sources to improve overall data quality.

A process of unlocking, cleansing and aggregating data then follows. We use a variety of manipulation techniques to convert data into a format that makes logical sense and has commercial meaning.

In order to see the data through a number of vantage points, we’ll create visualisation templates with Microsoft Power BI or other data visualisation technologies. Microsoft Power Apps are an effective way to create logic based templates for data entry and simple workflows.

This is often the start of the enlightenment process; multiple data sources aggregated and structured in a meaningful way, to create a single view of business processes. With this new insight, we’ll help you create actionable agendas that move you toward your business goals.

Some problems require one off analysis, whilst others require on going adaption, monitoring and measurement with refreshed data. We can continue the journey with you, providing an ongoing managed service, automating the process of extracting and cleansing data without further manual intervention.

No longer will you need to grapple with large volumes of data through inadequate spreadsheets to make sense of what is going on in your business!

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