Adapt Smarter. Transforming companies into data driven businesses with Growth Analytics.

Business systems have primarily evolved to help companies to do things, not to understand things. Essential insights from data hidden within legacy systems is the norm, as are multiple versions of the same spreadsheet! Often, proprietary CRM or ERP systems actively discourage direct access to the underlying data. We can help!

As we move to a data centric economy, the need to know more about our businesses is now fundamental to competitive advantage; understanding why things happen (or in many cases, why they didn’t happen). Collecting and processing 3rd party data through robotic process automation has never been more accessible.

We started ReddishGreen to provide digital solutions to these specific issues. We are agile, state of the art and cost effective. We believe in starting small, fixing the price and taking any development risk, so you get clarity of outcome and peace of mind.

Products & Services
Strategic focus & intelligence

Applying strategic focus and commercial expertise to precisely understand business challenges and needs.

Digital transformation consultancy

Understand your levers for growth, ensuring data and process are aligned to expected business outcomes.

Data engineering and visualisation

Extracting, understanding, cleansing and transforming your data to provide a foundation for visualisation and analytics.

Digital campaigns using robotics

Data scraping and lead generation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies.

Case Studies
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Taking the next step can be tough. Everyone’s talking about the power of data but it’s not an end in itself. And it’s not always about quantity.

Reach out to us, we’ll help you shine a light in the right places and help you make sense of what you find.